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Dear Northlander

May 15, 2016

Dear Northlander

Dear Northlander,

                As many of you know, the FDA, who has been breathing down our industry’s back for some time has recently thrown a punch.  The “Deeming Regulations” would succeed in putting more than 99% of the Vape Industry out of business.  This includes your local Brick & Mortar vape shop, the eLiquid manufacturers, the custom mod makers, and those that expand and improve our ability to quit cigarettes and STAY QUIT.

                Of course, as an eLiquid manufacturer, this would cause great strain on our new and growing business—one who’s plan has always been to make quitting smoking and keeping vaping affordable to everyone—and would almost certainly put us out of business.  Our business staying afloat is, of course, of concern to us.  BUT our business, and that B&M down the street and those like us aren’t the only ones that would suffer under the foot of the FDA. 

You would be, too.

                In a near and impending future where 99% of all existing vape-related companies don’t exist, you’ll have an increasingly difficult time getting vape supplies.  Those that are readily available will be the cig-alikes since most are manufactured by Big Tobacco and they CAN afford the up to $1 Million dollar price tag of getting their product ok’d by the FDA, and most of us know from experience that that type of ecig isn’t very effective for most people.  The products that have the highest rate of efficacy in regards to smoking cessation are the PV’s or Personal Vaporizers—the vape pens, the mods, the boxes, the tanks, the drippers, etc.  These products will become nearly impossible to get, and those that are available will be astronomically priced and likely sourced from China.

                Luckily for us all, this is not a future that we are stuck with.  There is time to affect the outcome of this legislation and to make a lasting difference in the future, a good future, for the vaping industry, the vapers, the ex-smokers and the soon-to-be ex-smokers!  There isn’t much time, this must be clear, but there is time to act if we act NOW!

                In efforts to spur some vaping advocacy on everyone’s part, we’re doing a different type of sale from what we’ve done in the past. 

                15% Off all eLiquid AND 10% of the proceeds will go directly to vaping advocacy.  USE CODE: DEARNORTHLANDER

                It’s a bit of a compromise, I’ll admit—less sale for more advocacy—but it is so imperative that we understand that if the FDA has its way, there won’t be a sale next year.  There won’t be a vape industry in the United States.

                As a BONUS DEAL for those of you take it upon yourselves to put in the 5-10 minutes to make a lasting mark and keep the vape industry alive, we’ll be VERY happy to reward you with a BUY 2 GET 1 coupon for your next order.  DETAILS HERE!


Thank you all for your support of Northland Vapor Company and the rights of your fellow vapers,


Brett and Jordan Erpelding



Northland Vapor Company


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