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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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What's Northland About?

At Northland Vapor Company, we believe that there should be no trade-off when it comes to products of all kinds; quality of ingredients suffers with most cheap brands, but not with us.

At Northland we do things a bit differently. We source top-quality, raw materials to make premium products, while still being a cost-effective alternative to other brands and remaining highly competitive with our high quality products.

We are a mostly family owned, family ran, American company. Based out of Fargo, North Dakota, we are able to offer genuinely high quality products, and being not too costly for customers.

Northland Company Values

We stand by our values and believe that they shape our companies culture. Our values help create purpose, improve team cohesion, and help foster a sense of commitment in the workplace.


Being uniquely remarkable in our products, service, attitude, teamwork, and work ethic.

Ad Astra

Take risks and challenge the status quo. Our biggest competitors complacency and mediocrity.

Think Global, Act Local

Committing resources to support our local communities.

Two Ears, One Mouth

We listen, learn, and collect data to enhance a constructive debate and move forward together.

Knowledge as an Investment

With consistent motivation and an unabating thirst for knowledge we can grow and adapt in any environment.