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The Northlander Rewards Program

For our most devoted customers, we've introduced a new loyalty program to thank you for your commitment to the Northland. Now every time you shop with us, you can earn reward points which can be exchanged for future discounts and savings. But spending alone isn't the only way you'll be rewarded for your support; you can earn up to $7 right now just for joining our loyalty program and completing other simple registration steps such as sharing us on social media!
Join the Loyalty Program
Earn Points $1 = 5 Points Spend Points 100 Points = $1

Ways to Earn Points

Spending money with us isn't the only way you can earn points within our rewards program. Check out some of these other ways to get HUGE discounts!
250 Points
($2.50 USD)
For creating an account.
50 Points
(up to $2.50 USD)
Each time you share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
100 Points
($1.00 USD)
For writing a review.
50 Points
($0.50 USD)
For signing up to our newsletter.
500 Points
($5.00 USD)
On Your Birthday
200 Points
($2.00 USD)
For every year you have an account.

Invite a Friend

Here at Northland Vapor, we firmly believe in providing quality, not costly eLiquid. So now that you've discovered our premium, delectable juice, it's time to get social. Invite your friends to The Northland and be instantly rewarded with $5 worth of rewards points once they purchase!
500 Points
($5.00 USD)
When friend makes first purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I earn points? To earn reward points, you first need to have an account on our store.. Once you have an account you can then earn reward points by placing orders and completing any of the actions in our "earning points" section of the rewards program.
  • How do I spend points? You can spend your points on any order you place through our store. At the cart and at the checkout please adjust the slider to spend your points on that order. Please make sure you are logged in first!
  • How do I earn points from reviewing products? We give you reward points for placing reviews on any of the products in our store. Once you have submitted a review, and after it has been approved, you will be rewarded 100 points.
  • How many times can I share on social media? You can share our products and pages on social media as many times as you would like, and can earn a maximum of 250 points from sharing across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • How does the yearly reward work? We will reward you for every 365 days you are a customer with Northland Vapor.