As we close this great week of Nic Salts - Northland Vapor Company

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

As we close this great week of Nic Salts

June 15, 2018

As we close this great week of Nic Salts

we want to thank you, of course! Our great customers are the reason we are even around, and if that statement isn't enough of a "well duh!" for ya we're going to wrap up this week with some more solid general information about nic salts for your brain pockets. 

Nic salts are the 'salt crystals' version of nicotine. Just like conventional eLiquid, they come in PG/VG bases; it's not some random pouches of solid salt nicotine.

Nicotine in regular eLiquid is considered "freebase" as the nicotine is absorbed by the body at a reasonable rate and you accumulate a nicotine level as you vape.  It takes more time to build up that level, but this has been typically reported to hold nic cravings at bay for a longer stretches of time.

Nic salts are typically much more mellow, and are absorbed less effectively by the body.  Typically benzoic acid is used at food grade; it's purpose is to degrade the nicotine as the whole mixture is warmed and vaped. This allows for the smoothness that is what nic salts are known for, and in addition allows for the body to absorb the nicotine more efficiently; thus the higher milligrams of nic in the mixtures. 

For these reasons, nic salts have been reviewed as more comparable to the experience of smoking a cigarette, with the instant nicotine rush being provided.  This is another great reason to give nic salts a try if you're trying to quit smoking those thin cylinders of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper for combustion smoking.

That's all folks! Be sure to give our Northland Nic salts a try if you're feeling extra knowledgey.  We have all made it through this week and hopefully everyone is a little wiser and a little less stressed out! Tune in next week here at Northland for another exciting adventure into the world of smoking cessation techniques, and other worldly sciences in the art of vaping.  Take care everybody! 

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