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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

As we get ready for back to school sales

August 01, 2018

As we get ready for back to school sales

let's take a quick minute and discuss some facts about nic salt systems. We all know the biggest name in the game, which starts with a J and rhymes with drool. What you might not know is that those proprietary close pods systems are just as expensive, if not sometimes more so, than conventional combustion cigarettes. 

Take a look at our lovely line of Nic Salt eLiquids.  You get 30mL for $19.99, when it's not on sale; and if you know us, we love to have sales so they are often quite less costly than that.  With the unmentioned system above, you average $15.99 for four pods with $7 shipping.  

Do you know how much eLiquid is in each of those pods? A lousy 0.7mL! Adding it all up, you get 2.8mL of nothing special for a whopping $22.99. That doesn't even include the device!  On what planet does that even make sense!?  Northland has been about offering quality not costly, and now with free shipping on everything in the domestic US, our Nic Salt eLiquids are a grand slam of a deal.

Speaking of great deals, we've been offering the Vaporesso Nexus Pod System Starter Kit and your choice of one 30mL Northland nic salt, including our brand new exclusive Apricot Moscato! Plus this thing doesn't have a proprietary charger, you can just plug it in to any USB charger.  Now that's a smart deal anyway you slice it. 

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