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California has it's sights on a flavor ban

March 29, 2019

California has it's sights on a flavor ban

and it's quite extensive and comprehensive.   They don't even dance around the issue they straight up are calling it a prohibition on the sale of flavored tobacco products, so in other words, all eLiquids.  The Golden State for whatever reason decided this was a good idea and it actually already has some real traction in their senate.   

Wednesday, as expected the Senate Health Committee decided to pass the flavor ban bill known as SB38 proposed by senator Hill. This does not mean that the flavor ban actually got enacted however, it has just passed this committee and will be heading to the next one. If you're a Californian you should be looking for information on that when it becomes available because you should engage and participate in the process of fighting this monster. 

It's important to keep in mind that this is an act of prohibition against a safer alternative to smoking that has already helped over 11 million people kick the deadly habit of combustible smoking. If you're a Californian your attendance is invaluable at these hearings as it helps demonstrate opposition to this bill and its current intentions of denying adults access to flavored eLiquids. If more people attend these things it also helps with furthering ongoing conversations with other elected officials and committee members.

If policy-makers were serious about curbing youth access they would look at solutions that actually address the problem such as advanced age verification systems, purchase limits, penalties, marketing restrictions, anything that actually targets the issue they are flying this absurd legislation under. Prohibition is never the answer, has never worked for vice products in the past, and on this particular issue that needs to be made loud and clear.

However, after watching the livestream I have to say if you're going to show up at least be calm and civil, your representation is more impacting if you're well presented and behaved.  Those advocates that stood in the gallery and shouted out whilst witnesses were speaking, was a more than a bit of a bad look for the vaping narrative. Yelling and shouting isn't how senate hearings work in this country. Granted you're in California and that is how protesting normally works, but being in the gallery is not an excuse to noisily protest.

Best of luck Californians, we're rooting for your success, you can fight this bit of stupid packaged as legitimate legislation.

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