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Can you get second hand smoke from Vape?

January 28, 2019

Can you get second hand smoke from Vape?

Sorry not sorry for the bluntness, No.  Just no.  You can't even get firsthand smoke from vapes because it's not smoke, and that is and always has been the whole point with eLiquids and vaping.  You might think I'm just being pedantic here, and you're correct, I am, because the words we use matter.  I will rant about the order of those words another time, but for now the selection of words is the key.

It is literally vital that everyone understands the difference between smoke and vapor. Until that happens, people will continue to ask these kinds of vape questions I titled this blog with.  So what is the difference between vapor and smoke?

Vape doesn't contain anything like the very high number of various chemicals found in cigarette smoke. There are some estimates that cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 different compounds, most of which are toxic enough to cause damage on a cellular level. The key word with smoke is carcinogenic, as smoke is carcinogenic, which just means cancer causing. 

One major reason why vape is so much less harmful than smoking is that there is no burning taking place.  Simple, right? Smoking's carcinogenic toxins are the product of the burning process. There is no burning taking place with vaping thus no dangerous products of the burning process.

You don't sit by the campfire and take huge huffs off the flames, because obviously you'll hack up a lung because you cannot breathe smoke.  Do you suffocate from the fog machine at the show you want to go see when the band hits the top key of your favorite song? Of course not.  Because fog machines use the same stuff as eLiquids do, only they aren't flavored. 

This is all of course not to say that vaping is completely safe.  We all are waiting to see the long term double blind multivariate mega accurate scientific evidence so we can definitively state these things, but we can only assume with what given shorter studies we've seen completed our conclusions.   It is less wrong to say that vaping is safe enough to a level that there should be no concern to smokers switching to vaping products and for the public in general not to have to worry about exposures to second-hand vape.

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