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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Continuing to listen to you has helped us immensely

August 22, 2018

Continuing to listen to you has helped us immensely

and the more we read from you, the more we love our customers! Northland's dedication to quality but not costly eLiquid is clearly a crowd favorite, but what is it about us that makes us qualified to stand out as the proven choice that you, our lovely customers make? 

Well we asked y'all exactly that; "What makes you choose Northland over anyone else?"  Here's what you had to say. 

"Heard about Northland on a forum and interested that you do not add preservatives, sweeteners etc and was impressed with the transparency of how your juice was made. Tried sample/variety pack knowing I would probably love the Nuts’n Cream... Surprised to love Pink Lemonade almost as much! Nuts’n Cream is my ADV now and feels shameful to call it ‘cheap’ - way more high end tasting and smooth and what I compare all other juices to."

"Price, price, more price, and a lack of any negatives (stuff's delicious, service is great)."

"The quality and prices are far superior to other retailers I've tried (I've tried around 6 others)."

"Tea flavours are hard to find. Lemonade flavours that are not super sweet. are hard to find. I don't like to vape candy. I am not a huge sugar fiend. Finding flavours I like is hard and I will stick with them."

"Speaking honestly, because of where you're based. Love Moorhead MN and will always support their businesses."

"An awesome Earl grey tea flavor... And excellent service, shipping, great website, and points earning."

"Value and quality of product. Also, this is the only not super sweet tea flavour I have found so far without having to order specially made and expensive e-liquid."

"For the past 2 years, I have been religiously purchasing the Nuts and Cream flavor. It's my all day, every day vape. I'm not kidding when I say I don't need any other flavor :)"

"The quality of the juice, the lack of diketones in the majority of their offerings, and the fact that I can vape their juices without worrying about my allergies."

"Value is the reason Northland is my favorite place for ejuice."

"Your Pink lemonade is the best version I've tried."

"Northland feels more human than most of its competitors and has great customer service. I have only had one issue and it was resolved within a 5 minute call."

"Aside from the great taste you cannot beat the prices!"

"I have only shopped from Northland. I was searching for a specific flavor on the internet and found it available through Northland. The service and the value we're so good that I have no reason to go anywhere else."

"Good flavours, regular bargain sales, reliable online vendor, never had any issues."

"My adult son is the one who vapes. I buy juice for him sometimes when he is short on funds because it is so much better and cheaper than smoking."

"Combo of price and quality. I don't feel like I am getting "cheap" juice."

"The prices, shipping and quality of products!"

"The flavors and quality of the juice is awesome! I trust the brand!"

"Speed of processing and shipping. Good promotional deals."

"I've been a customer for a long time, never had an issue and they have the flavors I enjoy."

"I like that you are always adding new flavor lines while maintaining reasonable prices"

"Fast delivery and good choice of flavors ..friendly service keeps a good customer around and you guys have that and your customers know it!"

"A constant love for the customer. I definitely feel cared about when I have a problem or ask for anything from you guys."

"I am extremely picky about what flavors I enjoy. Therefore I only order from Northland because I know that I will be getting what I want and like."

"The reviews from JuiceDB convinced me to try it, and the quality of my favorite flavors makes me crave more."

"The customer service I have received is above and beyond. At Northland not only do they make quality juice they make friends of customer. I was treated similar to family and would recommend anyone."

"You guys have the only flavor that keeps me off the cigarettes, Nuts & Cream."

"The prices and the quality control. I always go to your blue razz over any other juice company because it has that kick of sour in it."

"Consistency of product, timely delivery and awesome deals. Not to mention the new retail store is great and the employees are so helpful! I was a customer when they had product at REDACTED. I will be a long time customer even when I quit using nicotine."

"Price, quantity, and consistently wonderful quality."

"Everything about northland is amazing"

"Generally fruity Quality, price, and flavors"

"The flavors aren't full of sugar."

"Hard to find a good authentic RY4 and 555 anywhere."

"Nuts & cream has been ADV since I tried it."

"Best blue raspberry flavor I’ve tried!"

"I'm hooked on the generally fruity."

"The standard quality found across all your flavours."

"I really enjoy that it does not have added sugars."

"blu razzz, good prices, fast shipping"

"Pink lemonade and blue razz are terrific flavors."

"The mix of jungle no.4"

"Continued great product and service."

"Fair price and good tasting juice."

"Fast delivery and rewards program!"

"Your Earl Gray is simply the best."

"The flavor baby!"

"Mint Chip!"

"Everywhere else sucks!"


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