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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cuke Mojito

January 04, 2018

Cuke Mojito

A delicious, refreshing summer drink with cucumber and crisp lime!

Comes in 120ml and 30ml.  Available nic strengths are; 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. 

95vg, No artificial sweeteners and diketone free. 

People have said this about it:

"I actually really like this flavor, really subtle cucumber, more heavy on the lime. Tastes like a watered down version of the limon pepino Gatorade."

"I just got mine today and loving it. Its got a little mint flavor to it along with cucumber and lime will definitely order it again!"

"This stuff is addicting! it is so spot on it;'s ridiculous. IT is not just an all day vape, it's an all month vape. Super refreshing yet not overpowering as with other cucumber flavors. all the different notes meld perfectly together yet you can still taste each note separately. This is on the permanent order list for me. "

"I personally really like the Cuke Mojito flavor, though I know it's not everyone's top pick. It does have a good, strong mint flavor and and the cucumber just adds to the coolness of the taste."

"After spending several hundreds of dollars in search of another ADV I have finally found it. I am very critical of juice and this passes with flying colors. "

"At first I was iffy on thinking of "vaping" a cucumber, but this is very refreshing and actually tastes pretty good. Will definitely order this again."

"There was only one other place that I knew of that sells cucumber mojito liquid, and I actually got sick of it recently. After discovering this liquid, I decided to give it a shot(hah), and it was definitely worth it! Love this flavor and it tastes so much better than where I used to buy."

"I tried a cucumber juice a while back and it was quite good. I'm the type of guy who scoffs at cucumber water and such so I got this knowing I would hate the gimmick but needed a 5th flavor in the flight box. Well, I'm back 3 days after receiving it ordering a 120ml bottle. It's a really nice and subtle cucumber taste with a hint of lime on it or I would describe it is a slightly limey cucumber. Either way, it's definitely worth a try if you're looking for something not creamy or berryish."

"I'm not sure why I avoided trying this flavor the first two times I ordered. I love cucumbers and mojitos lol. It taste like it says. Cool, refreshing, and just sweet enough."

"Definitely a flavor i didnt expect to like, but was pleasantly surprised. Great flavor and it is a bit sweet with a cucumber taste."

"This flavor is strangely addicting! I blew through the first 30mls and had too place another order for more! I can't get enough of it it's almost similar too the Gatorade cucumber flavor which I love. First good blend of juice with cucumber. Don't let that scare you either because it blends PERFECTLY!"

"Tastes just like your favorite cucumber lime sports drink, awesome!"

"Gotta say, I've become fond of this one. The cucumber and lime are there in just the right amounts, not too strong or too weak for my tastes."

"This is a flavor in a class of it's own...cucumber and summer vape."

"I'd recently gotten hooked on cucumber beverages (who knows which Gatorade flavor I'm talking about?)- and ever since, I have been on the hunt for a cucumber vape but I couldn't find much. I was elated when I found Northland and their Cuke Mojito flavor and I had to try it! This e liquid is amazing. The cucumber, lime and mint are all very subtle but blend together in a delicious and refreshing way."

"This juice is just great. Easily an all-day-vape flavor. Vaping at around 40-50 watts, the cucumber and lime mix really well and it's just a super refreshing vape. At 100 watts with deal fused claptons, the flavor reaches phenomenal levels; if you concentrate the lime, you'll taste lime, and if you concentrate on the cucumber, you'll taste cucumber.  It's a simple and delicious juice that everybody will love."

"What a refreshing taste, i swear this is so good. Reminds me of the fragrance when i cut fresh parsley."

"This Juice is simply awesome. A very crisp and smooth refreshing taste of cucumber and lime with a oh so slight taste of mint."

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