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Did you know we have a subreddit?

July 06, 2018

Did you know we have a subreddit?

That's right!  Northland's subreddit doesn't just have to be about our great eLiquids, it can be whatever you make it! As of this writing the subreddit itself is a little inactive, but head on over and make a post to say hello so we don't feel so lonely. 

We've got some great content over there already for you to check out, as we've been cataloging all the great reviews we can find out there in them tubes of the internets! That's not all we want to use it for, so we're asking you to go wild and contribute as much as you possibly want. Love our eLiquid? Tell us about it!  Hate our eLiquids (you monster) well tell us about that too!  

As per reddits latest outlinking rule, please do not submit any direct links to our site, or we'll get in some kind of reddit trouble, probably?  We're not too worried about it, but since you're here you're already on the site looking at our eLiquids anyway, it would be kind of silly and redundant. 

Flavor suggestions, sales suggestions, video suggestions, email suggestions, slogans, ideas, rants, stories, comparison eLiquids, thoughts, feels, cute cat pics, hand checks, tales of vape, your latest cloud, whatever, we'll take it!  Feel free to post up whatever's boggling your noggin, Northland related or not, we won't mind.  Post it up! We'll shower you with our upvotes. 

You can find the subreddit at; https://www.reddit.com/r/NorthLandVapor/

Or just click this already handy dandy decently spiffy link! 

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