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Florida actually rejected classifying eLiquids as tobacco

April 12, 2019

Florida actually rejected classifying eLiquids as tobacco

products in the House Government Operations & Technology Appropriations Subcommittee, which voted 8-3 on Tuesday to block the bill. You might recall we wrote about this last week about how terrible it is to classify eLiquids with tobacco products, and it turns out Florida has some common sense after all. 

The panel has outright rejected the bill that would have included nicotine products under the legal definition of tobacco products. Vape shop owners and operators obviously opposed the bill, which would have required businesses that sell nicotine eLiquid products to obtain permits as tobacco dealers.

“The purpose of this is to stop our children from becoming dependent on nicotine and the usage of this product,” Hill said. Hill of course introduced the bill saying the measure would address an “epidemic” of youth usage of nicotine products, which we all know is rank and file an issue that for whatever reason gets constantly brought up despite the clear evidence and information that is now available about the truth of vaping. 

Representative Jason Fischer, R-Jacksonville, and representative Anthony Sabatini, R-Howey-in-the-Hills, questioned the need for the bill and additional regulations. Fischer said, for example, that it is already illegal for minors to buy such nicotine products. “I think we need less regulation, less government,” Sabatini said.

Thank goodness for those two representatives for having enough of a brain to identify not only a bogus issue with an insanely useless solution, but to have the outlook that government is an obstacle when it comes to issues of public health in this day and age.  What do you think about the house bill? What kind of regulation does the vape world need, if any?

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