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Fret not Massachusetts vapers, you can still order online!

October 25, 2019

Fret not Massachusetts vapers, you can still order online!

A Massachusetts appeals court judge late Wednesday rejected governor Charlie Baker's desperate appeal of a superior court judge's ruling that threatens to lift the governor's temporary four month vape ban in Massachusetts unless certain aspects of the ban are tweaked.

Baker's office released a statement about the decision Thursday, writing that the administration is frantically working with Attorney General Maura Healey's office in order to keep their insane vape ban in place.  Unfortunately for the Baker administration they were told that they needed to hold a public hearing for the ban to remain in place, where those opposed to the ban could make their arguments against the need for it.

"The administration declared a public health emergency and imposed a temporary ban on all vape products to allow medical professionals to better understand what is making people sick and resulting in deaths in some cases," the statement from Baker's office said. The governor's ban has been in effect for nearly a month now, and is the most strict ban we've seen come out of this whole vape hysteria debacle, but curiously it does not apply to online sales by Massachusetts retailers sending them to customers in other states. 

The governor was not the only stakeholder who appealed the earlier ruling by superior court Judge Douglas Wilkins. On Tuesday, Vapor Technology Association asked the Appeals Court to issue an injunction of the ban. They based their argument on Wilkins' conclusion that the plaintiffs would likely prevail in their lawsuit seeking to overturn Baker's ban.  Apparently the state appeals court judge rejected the group's appeal as well.

What do you think about the Massachusetts ban? Does it even make sense? You can order it but not have it delivered? Is this some kinda technical limbo that's a detriment to vapers exclusively living in Massachusetts?

Clearly it's an uphill battle in the vape wars, but this could be a sign that cooler heads will prevail when it gets down to brass tacks and time to make the governors declarations meet the reality as it is seen by the court system. If you vape, you vote, call your representatives and make sure you tell them you don't want eLiquids to go down in history as the banned technology that could save a billion lives. 

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