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Gottlieb flips script now that he's out of office

September 09, 2019

Gottlieb flips script now that he's out of office

tweeting about the latest Californian vape related lung issues being caused by illegal THC eLiquids.  Funny how that works, once you're out of the big chair you get to actually tell the truth to the public.  

According to the latest reports from California hospitals and state investigators looking into these vape related issues, they have now linked all cases of acute lung disease across the state to vaping unlicensed marijuana products.  We've been saying it for some time now, it's not the quality controlled competently crafted eLiquids that are the problem, it's the black market knockoffs. 

One of the latest accusations faced by the vaping industry these days is that conventional e-cigarettes are behind the outbreak of the most recent spate of severe lung issues and diseases which have popped up across a number of US states. According to the total sum of these reports, up until now there have been a total 193 such cases, one of which has tragically resulted in death.

A large majority of the cases are occurring among young adults, and the diseases found so far appears to be either lipoid pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and/or chemical pneumonitis.  All hospitalized individuals have allegedly reported using e-cigarettes and thus physicians, health departments, and the CDC alike, have been rushing to the media which then spreads the hysteria that the public needs to stop this vaping menace.

With regards to the 21 cases reported thus far in California, the state’s public health authorities have connected them to vaping unlicensed cannabis products as well. In Kings County where eight cases were reported in July and August, public health officials have found that the victims had purchased unlicensed vaping products from pop-up cannabis dealers. AKA shady grifters.

“Our doctors noticed these cases of acute respiratory distress syndrome, and typically this time of year you’d see maybe one case. We had seven inside a month,” said Nancy Gerking, assistant director of public health in Kings County.  ”Everyone was purchasing from these pop-up shops,” said Gerking, referring to unlicensed dealers of the tainted THC cartridges, adding; “That seems to be the similarity among the cases.”

Lock and step with Gerking’s statement, the formerly high and mighty FDA former chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb tweeted that given the controls already set in place by the agency, it makes sense that the cases would be linked to the consumption of these illegal products.

“The legal vapes have been actively regulated by FDA since Aug 2017. FDA has conducted thousands of inspections of manufacturers and vape stores, published manufacturing guidance, sought product removals etc. These tragedies point to illegal vapes and THC.” former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb tweeted last Tuesday night.

“Health officials can target imports and conduct blitzes at international mail facilities to try and capture, shut down more illegal and counterfeit vapes and source some of the dangerous products. There are already published FDA lists of known dangerous ingredients to look for,” added Gottlieb.

Of course there's always going to be haters, like Erika Sward, a spokesperson for the American Lung Association, who said that it’s too early to determine that illegal products are solely to blame.  Listening to experts with facts and evidence would just ruin her entire worldview so with a huff and puff of arrogance she stated; “With all due respect to former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb, I think it’s too soon to speculate about the cause or the reason why we’re seeing this" adding, "I firmly believe that had FDA not delayed the oversight of these products in July of 2017 that we would be in a much different position than we are today.”

These comments from Sward do not come as a surprise. Aside from being a general anti-vape hater, when Gottlieb was FDA Commissioner she blamed him for what she called the “wild west e-cigarette marketplace.” “The tobacco industry has long been happy to place fingers when there have been issues of counterfeit cigarettes" Adding; "The bottom line is that e-cigarettes are not safe, and from the American Lung Association’s perspective, no one should be using e-cigarettes”

Well there you have it, black and white, clear as crystal, those who are in seats of power in biased organizations clearly have to be the mouthpiece for those organizations regardless of the reality of the situation, but once they are out of those organizations they are free to speak the truth. 

What do you think about about the Gottlieb flip? Is the nature of the game truly this crooked? Will there ever be a resolution to this madness and hysteria?

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