Here at Northland we're always listening to what you're saying - Northland Vapor Company

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Here at Northland we're always listening to what you're saying

August 13, 2018

Here at Northland we're always listening to what you're saying

and it's always a delight because aside from being awesome customers everyone of you sound like good people! We don't just make eLiquid because we're passionate about it, we do it because when you make something right it usually attracts good people to it. 

With that being said, I'll turn this blog post over to the fine people who have bothered to say anything about us at all!  Even though these survey results did gather personal information, I'm leaving them out for respect of the privacy for those who responded.

When asked "What do you like about Northland?" people have said:

"Customer service is A class, products I consider a very high quality product. Let’s not forget the price of products. Affordable so that customers can enjoy delicious flavors and feel committed to vaping."

"Love the fact i receive my order in 2 days, would love to see their products at my local vape shop!"

"Great prices, good variety of flavors but not an overwhelming number of choices of different types. Frequent sales/deals and fast shipping/customer service."

"I like the fact that I don't have to steep my juice. I can enjoy all that great flavor right away."

"I like that it has some more unique flavours, I like how prompt and thorough the customer service is, and I like the prices."

"The price for the amount of liquid is fantastic. The shipping is fast and with the price and shipping costs it's still cheaper. Thanks!"

"Prices are known as the best and the quality does not reflect the low price! Good flavors the earl grey tea is SPOT ON!"

"The flavours I prefer are not overly sweet or clog my coils. Service is exceptional. Shipping charges (international) are not outrageous, I get good value for my vape budget."

"Loved the flavours and the sample pack! So easy to sample and I ended up loving (and re-ording) some that I would not even have tried otherwise. Also loved the quality of the juice and no additives (what had initially attracted me to try Northland)."

"Northland's juice quality is far higher than the prices would suggest. Your excellent model has made me a long time customer with many friends now in the same boat."

"Ludicrously cheap. I once had to buy a 120ml here in Chicago. It was more expensive than 5 from Northland. Tasty juice! Core line is delightful, and I've had good experiences trying a random 2-3 out along with what amounts to a steady pipeline of Blue Razz Had great customer service on the two occasions I've needed it."

"I love the cheap prices for quality eliquids and products. Without northland I would most likely have to start considering quitting due to the extremely high prices of the rest of the eliquid industry. I extremely appreciate the quality of customer service, someone always replies to me within a day if I have a complaint or question to ask when the chat support is not available. The chat support availability is also another great point of your company, having readily available customer service and being able to speak with a live person is extremely helpful. I have been purchasing from your company since before or around the time it was 1 year old and I will continue to do so until God forbid you ever shut down."

"Excellent flavor(generally fruity, blue raz), great prices, frequent deals, prompt and professional customer service, fast shipping!"

"Simple profiles on flavors, low price, juice not loaded with sweetener, you guys put the born on date ON THE BOTTLE!"

"Very quick delivery and discounted. The more we save the more we buy. And when a customers are happy. We tell others. And also you give military discount that’s mean you help support veterans."

"Fast service, prompt delivery, unique flavors, affordable prices. What’s not to like? I’ve recommended them to lots of people!"

"It’s where I get my juice. Juice is an important part of a balanced breakfast. Northland is an important part of a balanced breakfast."

"High quality, low prices, fast shipping. I also appreciate the fact that you don't spam me. The emails you send are useful."

"Love the sales and the flavors. Really love how you offer free shipping now. And also like the loyalty points."

"Honestly I only order the exact same flavor every single time. I love the Tangerine Dream and I am extremely picky about what flavor profiles I enjoy so I have never risked buying any of your other flavors."

"Super fast shipping. Great quality. Always keeps you updated on new merchandise they get in. And nothing can beat the deals Northland has."

"Great product!! Better than most premium juice I've ever tried. Great price. Asome sales. Great selection of flavors and equipment. Easy to navigate website, fast shipping and great customer service. This is the only juice I will buy and I recommend it to everyone!"

"The juice is not loaded with sweeteners that gunk up coils & the flavors are awesome!"

"The constant sales, and Jungle N°4, which is pretty much all I vape anymore."

"The flavor of the juice is perfect, and the ordering process is fast and easy."

"I love the products! The taste and quality is phenomenal!"

"Price is best found. Quality of juice. Shipping and customer service is superb."

"The price, quick delivery, and I love my Nuts and cream vape!!"

"Northland Juice makes coils last longer than other juices do."

"Prices, variety, transparency about ingredients."

"Great juice at an affordable price!"

"Clean Juice - Coils stay viable longer."

"Good vape at a great price!"

"The juice is good on coils."


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