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Iowa won't be banning flavors, at least by executive order

October 28, 2019

Iowa won't be banning flavors, at least by executive order

according to Governor Kim Reynolds, last Friday she has decided against using an executive order to ban vaping products, but why?  She believes educational efforts about the potential health risks of electronic cigarettes and vaping products actually work.  Imagine that, cooler heads prevailing over this whole non eLiquid vaping fiasco, and government actually working for the people as intended. 

Reynolds pointed to a weekly state report indicating 43 cases have been reported in Iowa of severe respiratory illness among teenagers and young adults with a history of vaping. Of those, 34 were associated with THC, the illicit substance used in the black market vape cartridges that have been lumped in via the phrase "vaping related" in the news as of late.  According to the governor, Iowa's public health officials “are starting to see it stabilize just a little bit, but that doesn’t mean it won’t tick up again”

The governor held a high-level meeting this week to assess health problems associated with vaping and expects health and education officials to roll out a final package of recommendations sometime early this week.  Last week Reynolds told reporters she wasn’t afraid to use her executive authority to establish a ban in Iowa, although apparently she has ultimately declined to pursue that action. 

This doesn't mean that a ban is completely out of the question, unfortunately for Iowas vapers, as the governor when asked why she isn't using the executive action said; “They’re being overturned, and so we’re going to see what we can do through a couple of other channels.”

Fortunately one of those alternative channels includes targeting Iowa college and university students with information about vaping.  The governor said that officials in the state Department of Education plan to work with K-12 schools “to get in front of it,” with increased outreach to younger students.

Education being included into the conversation is breath of fresh air, after the majority of these issues straight up come from misinformation that feeds the anti-vape hysteria narrative.  What do you think about this belay of executive order?  Will the government of Iowa still attempt to put bans into place? Will people learn more about the reality of vaping and maybe calm down a bit?

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