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JUUL is ditching mint pods now

November 08, 2019

JUUL is ditching mint pods now

but what's more concerning is that this was announced yesterday, slightly before noon by none other than JUUL CEO K.C. Crosthwaite who said; "We will support the upcoming FDA Flavor policy and will follow the PMTA process."  Which is a direct admittance to insider information, considering the time this is being written (Late Thursday 11/7/2019) there is not yet any declared flavor policy set forth by the FDA. 

How can they be this blatantly corrupt? We all understand how wicked big tobacco companies can be, but are they also so incompetent as to just publicly admit they had some input if not entire control over the policy process of the FDA before the FDA itself had a chance to make it's policies publicly available? Surely this cannot go down in history so silently unnoticed when it was put out on twitter for all to see.

JUUL's announcement also stated that they will immediately stop taking orders through their website, and future orders from their retail partners, at least for these mint pods.  I'm sure with their insider information on exactly what the FDA is going to demand they have a whole line of brand new flavor pods ready to go, all perfectly FDA compliant, once they go public with their new policy and enough time passes they will release them once their research comes out that vaping flavors has nothing to do with adolescent use. 

That is how the eLiquid world was swiftly shifted from small business owners to the pockets of big tobacco companies, a massive hysteria misinformation campaign played out and quickly swept under the rug once it is no longer useful to the bottom line of big tobaccos freshly acquired monopoly on vaping.  All with the help of the Food and Drug Administration's happy consent to get them into these positions. 

Before you throw all other forms of vaping away and pick up that JUUL because they are going to be the only "regulated" vaping product in the near future, as a reminder here is a list of things that are available everywhere that also aren't approved by the FDA: Vitamins, Red Bull, most cosmetics, medical foods, infant formulas, dietary supplements, compounded drugs, numerous medical devices, and of course any and all tobacco. 

Begging the question, what good is the FDA other than a marketing logo to add to your products?  It sure would be nice if they just reviewed the risk of available products on the market and then made that information publicly available, instead of having this weird hybrid of regulating and enforcement power that seems entirely arbitrary and very clearly influenced by large dollar amounts in the pockets of those who happen to be working for the FDA at the time. 

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