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Leave plastic straws alone!

September 10, 2018

Leave plastic straws alone!

Seriously people, this plastic straw ban is getting out of hand.  Other than the biggest companies obviously virtue signalling; everyone from McDonalds to Starbucks is setting the stage for plastic straws to be the worlds biggest ocean polluting baddie. As a fine connoisseur of eLiquids you probably already know the obvious: 

The real big polluter of our oceans is cigarette butts! 

That's right, over the past three decades over 60 million cigarette butts have been collected along the worlds beaches. About 5.6 trillion cigarettes are manufactured worldwide each year, and that means for every cigarette a wasteful butt.  Almost all those butts are filters made of cellulose acetate, which is a form of plastic that can take a decade or more to decompose. As many as two-thirds of those filters are dumped irresponsibly each year, according to cigwaste.org.

Did you ever need more of a reason to quit smoking other than your health? Well now you can top it off with an environmental reason to boot!  As you probably know because you've been reading this fine blog ever since the beginning, eLiquids offer a fine combustible smoking cessation and here at Northland we want to make that as affordable and as environmentally friendly as possible.  

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