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Michigan, New York, India? Bans vapes, OH MY!

September 20, 2019

Michigan, New York, India? Bans vapes, OH MY!

Also it looks like Illinois House Bill 3887 has a flavor ban on it's docket as well.  What in the heck is going on here, exactly? Why does all of this sudden and quick action feel like some kind of coup?  Why are all these bills being listed as temporary bans only?  How is it that nobody is questioning that among all these bans two flavors are still deemed okay; Tobacco and Menthol?

Am I taking crazy pills? Perhaps it is more likely these legislators who are clearly in the pocket of some giant tobacco corporations who shall remain nameless because the reality is that it is probably all of them working together behind closed doors to orchestrate this prime time take over of the vape and eLiquid market. Regardless of my paranoid conspiratorial thinking there is clearly some unjust actions happening behind those closed doors and then being flaunted and pressed right out into the noses of the open public's faces. 

For now I can only speculate as a lowly blog writer watching this industry being snatched up by those faceless nameless corporations with the helpful assist from crooked elected officials willingly pocketing untold fortunes of cash to pass such bogus legislation. What I suspect is that people will wake up, realize how distorted their realities have become from the onslaught of wave after wave agitprop and false news, and hopefully come to their senses their liberty has been bought and paid for, once again, by big tobacco. 

What I fear is that the reality is that smokers, ex-smokers, and now vapers are basically second class citizens based on their behavioral purchasing habits that are too much of a minority to make any difference in the face of this bought and paid for legislation. The ongoing yearly death total of half a million people a year of these folks just doesn't matter to anyone outside of this group and will largely be ignored in favor of the new "think of the children and ignore the evidence of black market products" legislation and hypocrites who fell for the misinformation propaganda hook, line, and sinker.  

I would love to be wrong about what I fear and deemed correct about what I suspect, but then again as time continually proves, reality is often disappointing. The virtue signalling of these politicians running these "emergency action" flavor bans is so strong you can smell it from New York and California all the way from North Dakota.  That or it's just the typical stank of corruption cranked all the way up to 11. 

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