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New year, new narrative starting off strong

January 02, 2019

New year, new narrative starting off strong

from Oregon, known as the hipster state connected to Washington, also known for calling out people for saying the name of the state wrong,  is pleased to announce that the per capita cigarette pack sales are, and have been down year after year since 1993. 

State economist Josh Lehner said; "We're on pace to sell the fewest packs of cigarettes on record" which is a quote I took from Oregon news paper Willamette Week, which is also where I got this cool graphic:

The article interestingly goes on to mention that in Oregon and nationally, low-cost, lightly regulated e-cigarettes are speeding the move away from tobacco. Then stated that Gov. Kate Brown recently proposed a $2 per pack cigarette tax increase, which, if approved, Nigel Jaquiss, the writer of the article speculates would drive sales even lower.

Then it just ends, no other mention of any kind of vape epidemic, nothing about any kind of eLiquid vape scare tactics, no propaganda or biased narrative outside of mentioning goings on in the Oregon area.   Is this finally the end of the vape epidemic meme? Is 2019 the year vape really goes mainstream?  Granted this is just one easy cherry pick of an article, this writer thinks it's a sign of good things to come.  

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