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New Zealand government launches very pro vaping

June 12, 2019

New Zealand government launches very pro vaping

website aimed at informing people about the reality of vaping and eLiquids. The site, which was planned to go live in August of this year, is already up and running, which is refreshing to see that a government can actually accomplish something ahead of schedule. 

The government of New Zealand now publicly recommends vaping as a healthier alternative for smokers who want to quit tobacco, according to one of their health department spokespersons. Currently the New Zealand Ministry for Health says on its website that there isn’t enough evidence to “confidently” recommend e-cigarettes as a quit smoking aid, but the spokesperson said that it’s now seen as “likely” they’re effective.

This leaves New Zealand slightly behind the evidence, as vaping is now known to be at least twice as effective as older nicotine replacement therapies, and nearly five times as effective as patches or lozenges.  However with this new approach of being on the side of vaping the public health of New Zealand will surely face a net benefit as smokers looking to quit will have all the facts backed up by their government on their side. 

The site itself has three major components so far; The facts of vaping, vaping vs smoking, and vaping to quit smoking, each focusing in on with rich information based on their respective titles. The site already has a trove of information relating to those three topics, including smart and quick tips, testimonials from ex-smokers, a few informative videos, and numerous surveys and quizzes. 

Check the site out for yourself here.

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