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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Nic Salts found to be incredibly effective in latest smoking cessation study

February 20, 2019

Nic Salts found to be incredibly effective in latest smoking cessation study

which was published in the Internal and Emergency Medical Journal, suggesting that vaping nicotine salts more closely replicates the delivery of nicotine provided by smoking cigarettes.  This new study aims to show that vaping nic salts could be more beneficial to smokers wanting to quit conventional combustible smokes.

As you may already know, nic salt eLiquids have been known by vapors with giving a similar sensation to smoking a cigarette, and their popularity with those seeking to quit smoking is rapidly growing. How effective nic salts are in smoking cessation has most recently been backed up by this new peer-reviewed clinical study. Researchers involved in the study also monitored for any adverse effects of vaping nic salts but found none or at least made no mention of any.

Dr Grant O’Connell, Head of Scientific Affairs at Imperial Brands, which as of the writing of this article is the third largest tobacco company on the planet, suspiciously and or coincidentally Dr Grant is also one of the authors on the study said: “Our clinical findings suggest that e-vapour devices with a higher concentration of nicotine in nicotine salt form may be more effective – and more appealing – to adult smokers switching from cigarettes to vaping.”

Dr O’Connell also remarked that the mainstream media’s approach to vaping in the UK is not helping the situation: “While conflicting information in both the scientific press and mainstream media may be deterring many smokers from even trying vaping, both this study and real-world evidence suggests that current e-vapour devices may not be providing smokers with the full satisfaction they derive – and in many cases require – from cigarettes.”

“In our study, the myblu Intense 40 mg/mL nicotine salt product had the closest nicotine uptake profile to cigarettes, while also providing the greatest relief in subjects’ desire to smoke. However, under current EU regulations this product is not permitted. This potentially limits the effectiveness of vaping as a smoking substitute, especially in the case of heavier smokers – a view shared by the UK Government’s House of Commons Science and Technology committee.” Grant stated. 

Very strange that while the general perception is that vaping eLiquids is less harmful than smoking is growing, research can only be done in countries that paradoxically promote products they do not permit the sale of.  Also you know the game has changed when big tobacco is running the science, why they have shifted into pro vaping narrative after the minority interest purchase in JUUL should be no surprise.  The answers to these curiosities are as old as time, you just follow the money. 

In the UK, there are an estimated 7.4 million adults who smoke cigarettes. This study also included a survey which reported that almost one third of British smokers (29 percent) are looking to switching to vaping in 2019.

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