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South Australia to ban all sales of eLiquid and e-cigarettes

November 05, 2018

South Australia to ban all sales of eLiquid and e-cigarettes

as well as pretty much anything related to the world of vape.  This is basically a total knock out of vape and eLiquid products in Australia, absolutely destroying any and all vape related businesses.  The major parties in South Australia agreed to pass the harshest regulations in the nation.

Under amendments to the Tobacco Products Regulation Act, somehow passed by both houses of state parliament and set to be finalized by the end of next month.  South Australia will be the first jurisdiction to ban sales online or by mail, phone, email or fax, preventing interstate or overseas trade entirely. For the extra kick in the you know whats in store vaping and taste testing also will be outlawed!

South Australia was the only jurisdiction that did not regulate vaping and it has grown to be the largest in Australia, accounting for two-thirds of production and activity through online sales.  The Australian Vaping Advocacy Trade and Research (AVATAR) estimates the South Australian industry generated about $60 million a year in online sales and employs more than 200 people.

AVATAR chairman Savvas Dimitriou stated that the “destructive and harsh nanny state” move by legislators in South Australia will destroy the industry just as public health bodies in Britain and New Zealand were encouraging smokers to switch to vaping.  “We have been demanding responsible regulation of this industry for years and they are throwing it back in our faces by killing off one of the largest contributors to the state’s economy” Mr. Dimitriou said.

Mr. Dimitriou continued; “This is a disastrous move. Businesses are actioning exit plans as we speak as a result of this unscientific, poorly written and ultimately misguided legislation.  This marks the death of an industry in South Australia and the lives of thousands of smokers.”

The reality is that this regulation actually protects the tobacco industry from competition and will make it even harder for smokers to transition to vaping, or even quitting combustibles at all given the safer alternatives are going to be unavailable.  

Aside from being nearly unenforceable, banning online sales of anything is a pretty silly move.  It's hard to see how this could have any benefit to anyone other than conventional cigarette industry, but of course the justification the government would give is that they are treating eLiquids and e-cigarettes the same as conventional tobacco products.  

State Health Minister Stephen Wade said the legislation was an “important public health measure to reduce harm associated with e-cigarettes." and “banning of online sales is an important part of minimizing the risk of children getting access to these products."

There you have it, our upside down neighbors to the south now have upside down regulations on vape products to match.  Poor Aussie vapers, our condolences go out to you.  

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