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The FDA has been all over the board lately

October 24, 2018

The FDA has been all over the board lately

but one of the more interesting things the monkey running the show has said lately that the FDA might consider confining vape products and eLiquids to be sold exclusively in vape shops.  This would be good news for vape store owners, but could also doubly be good news considering the same person has also said they might ban online sales outright. 

Talk about taking a step backwards, banning online sales of a product? Since when has that ever actually worked?  If there's one great thing about the ecommerce world that we've all came to appreciate and enjoy is that we can get our products at the convenience of our fingertips right from our smart phones whenever and more importantly, wherever we like.  This includes absolutely everything from eLiquids to pajamas, and I don't think the public or anyone who is used to this new digital commerce world would want to take a step back from.

Of course all of this crack down hype against eLiquids and the vape industry at large all stems from a lack of knowledge and a general miasma of misinformation that's spread out across the general population like a fog in the valley.  In time the truth will come to light, the public opinion will switch from that from ignorance to informed, and of course more research and studies will be available overall.  That or we'll face prohibition again and we all know how well that went over with the 18th amendment, it only took 13 years for the 21st amendment to come around, and that was before the days of internet.  

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