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The FDA is officially clueless but

November 02, 2018

The FDA is officially clueless but

at least they are willing to have a dialog with the industry.  On Wednesday the FDA released this announcement which basically says "hey we talked with some big vape players and they are willing to help us figure out what to do with vaping and stuff." They also basically skirted the epidemic rigmarole, which I guess is the good news here. 

I'll save you the reading, the gist is; FDA is asking vape companies and eLiquid manufacturers on how to regulate themselves, the vape industry is informing the FDA that they've been self regulating for years already so let's just get this into paper so we can put the whole issue to bed.  All and all it sounds like a surprisingly productive round of discussion for a government agency and some big corporations. 

There's an issue one could raise where the industry is having simply too much input on a governmental agency regarding such potential regulation, but seeing as this writer is on the inside of that industry I make no complaint, just acknowledging the potential elephant in the room.  For the most part government agencies are slow acting and generally moving backward, and in this case that might actually not happen, we will just have to see what the future holds.

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