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The New York Times put out a boneheaded article

December 24, 2018

The New York Times put out a boneheaded article

last Wednesday about the "vaping epidemic" titled; Addicted to Vaped Nicotine, Teenagers Have No Clear Path to Quitting.  Here's the link but for fear of wasting your time I have already read it and can give you the total quick run down of the article, but I must toss out the disclaimer that I, nor anyone at Northland endorses or wants anyone underage to use eLiquids or vape.

It starts: "A Harvard addiction medicine specialist is getting calls from distraught parents around the country. A Stanford psychologist is getting calls from rattled school officials around the world."  Now I don't know about you, but if my child is doing anything I don't like, I immediately pick up the phone to call Harvard and Stanford to get their input on my parenting issue.

The article goes on to make such high IQ claims like:  "there is no clear science or treatment to help them stop." and "Nobody is quite sure what to do with those wanting to quit, as this is all so new" and "We are all searching for quit ideas ... It is desperately needed." Apparently they've had their hands over their ears and eyes shut so tight they haven't been paying attention to vaping as a legit smoking cessation alternative that they are completely unaware you can step your nic strength down the level of ZERO!

Worse yet those last two statements were taken from, Ira Sachnoff, president of Peer Resource Training and Consulting in San Francisco, which trains students to educate peers about smoking and vaping.  You know, because the DARE program was so effective and teenagers just love to hear about what adults are telling them not to do, then tell other teenagers not to do that stuff as well. Remember it's not propaganda if it's for the children or their health. 

The article goes through all the of the regular tropes we've been spoon-fed day in and day out with the same doom and gloom vape hysteria has so predictably become.  There's one lady in the article though, Vicki who was feeling quite the helpless victim because she wanted to send her 17 year old son to rehab, but all of the rehab centers in her area were for adults.  I don't know who to feel worse for, Vicki or her son. 

It will be interesting to see now if the media changes it's tone about vaping now that Altria has taken such a stake into JUUL, if it calms down you know this was all an intentional ploy to lower the purchasing price for Altria and it confirms  exactly how much of a grip they have over the narrative and media in the first place. 

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