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The ridiculous double standard pushed on the vape industry

August 03, 2018

The ridiculous double standard pushed on the vape industry

and not the alcohol industry is, let's be honest, laughable.  Northland in no way endorses the sales of eLiquid or vape products to anyone who is not of age.  If you've followed us you'll have noticed we never use any kind of packing or labeling on our eLiquids that could be misconstrued as marketing to anyone underage.

There are other vape companies that will remain unnamed that make eLiquid packaging that contains bright cartoon characters, frilly child-like fonts and lettering, and out right side by side product comparison rip off logos and branding.  These tactics to us have always been shady, and as the vape industry has evolved and continued to self regulate we have been right along side it if not ahead of the curve. 

Alcohol somehow gets this magical free pass, where they can package and design for anything their harts content, even if it's literally childrens candy.  Alcohol could kill a kid easily if they imbibed too much in a single event, where eLiquid won't take anyone's life, even over a lifetime. 

If the issue is truly about children, there's a much higher probability a kid would get into an adults liquor cabinet, and confuse the packaging as a child's beverage. Any kid with a sweet tooth is going to avoid eLiquid because it lacks the sweet taste a sugary alcohol would have.  

We have child proof bottles, adequate warning labels, tamper evident seals, and tame no-pictures labeling.  Alcohol is just another giant industry that is more than likely lobbying against the vape world, and in our fight against big tobacco they will be the shining bad example we won't even dare follow. 


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