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The University of Southern California

January 30, 2019

The University of Southern California

is doing a vape study, and if you're in the area you may even be eligible for compensation!  USC is conducting a research study on the health risks or benefits of new and emerging tobacco and eLiquid products. They are currently seeking volunteers who; Smoke cigarettes only, use e-cigarettes/vape only, neither smoke cigarettes nor use e-cigarettes/vape.

Interesting to note that those who both smoke cigarettes and use e-cigarettes/vape are not eligible for this study, but that makes sense given they are probably trying to derive comparative datasets. It's refreshing to see some science on this side of the pond for a change. 

Additional requirements to enter this study; being 21 or older, living in the LA area, willing to answer a survey questionnaire, and potentially donating blood for the study. 

If you meet those requirements and are interested in the study you can reach out to them by phone at 323.442.7765 (ask for Debra) or email

Here's a link to the study's page that includes the questionnaire. 

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