Today's blog is a rant on the truth campaign made by a redditor - Northland Vapor Company

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Today's blog is a rant on the truth campaign made by a redditor

November 26, 2018

Today's blog is a rant on the truth campaign made by a redditor

last week on the electronic cigarette forum made by user titanticman.  This is fully copied with his permission, the only thing that has been edited is the swears. I reached out to him asking if I could post it on our blog because it echos the sentiments of more than a small minority vapers and eLiquid connoisseurs.

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F*** the "Truth" campaign, they're attacking their own allies

I am so sick of this same double-commercial I see 20 times a night from that Truth anti-smoking company. At first I agreed with them in every previous commercial, but the more I see this anti-ecig commercial, the more I hate them. Someone out there is falling for that s**t. Somewhere out there, there's someone going "see I told you" and fighting the cause.

The first one that f***ing kills me for being blantantly retarded: The Anti-Juul commercial.

"1 Juul Pod contains as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes"

NO F***ING S**T?

It's not like anyone's saying "Brb I'm gonna go have an entire f***ing Juul Pod"

You have a puff here, you have a puff there, you don't clear a whole f***ing tank, you'd think that'd be f***ing obvious, wouldn't you?

And the second commercial, where they s**t on the sheer fact that vaping IS safer. This is where they are fighting their own cause. I'm preaching to the choir here, so I'm not gonna link all the studies you've probably already seen, (plus I'm lazy and just ranting) but a number of studies have confirmed that flavored steam causes less damage to your body than the millions of chemicals in cigarettes.

The only fact they try to justify this commercial with is "some people who vape first, end up smoking later"

Okay, no s**t, that can happen, but it's f***ing stupid. "The dangerous part of vaping is actual cigarettes"

Aside from the fact vaping is meant to stop preexisting smokers from continuing, it's is so f***ing redundant to pose an entirely other product as the danger in it. It's like saying "you shouldn't paint anything because painting can lead to graffiti, and that's bad, so painting is bad"

"But people who only vape might end up smoking" so f***ing what? someone misusing a product doesn't mean the product doesn't work when used as intended. There's millions of examples of people misusing products, and they still continue to exist.

All that is just the plain logic of the situation. Those are things that can all be fact checked. This is not even including my personal experience.

I know for myself, just from experience, vaping helps with my anxiety. When I smoke a cigarette or cigar, I feel like a sluggish, sick, sack of s**t. Vaping simply helps my anxiety, even without nicotine in it.

I've bounced between the two before, for example when the local shop was out of my coils. The weeks I smoked, I felt like absolute s**t, my stomach was sick, my head would hurt, I would be dizzy, and I would be 10x more anxious in between smokes. That never happens with vape, in my experience that is.

Either way, aside from my personal opinion, those Truth commercials are factually incorrect and hurt their cause. They are fighting the companies that are on their side.

F*** you, Truth Initiative. You f***ed up by literally going against your name. There is no "truth" in those commercials, only opinions backed with irrelevant facts.

"This false statement is actually true, because this completely other thing is true. Go ahead, Google the second one, it'll be true, so that somehow makes the first one true."

That's straight up misinformation, that works against what you supposedly believe, shame on you.

I personally think, one way or another, they sold out to what they call "big tobacco".

"Yeah, okay, we'll let you stay on TV if you attack that vaping trend for us."



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