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Top two tobacco manufacturers

November 07, 2018

Top two tobacco manufacturers

Altria and Reynolds American have made notice to the Food and Drug Administration for their support of an expected recommendation to Congress to raise the minimum purchasing and usage of tobacco products to 21.

Why would tobacco companies want to edge out potential lifetime customers voluntarily? Well the obvious ploy would be to appear socially responsible, in an attempt to regain whatever "credibility" they've lost over the years.  Strange move considering they haven't been investing any time or money into vape or eLiquid related research. 

The gesture could be a mere reading of what's written on the wall, as this age move for purchasing such products seems inevitable.  A few states already have similar moves in the works. 

The primary goal of moving the purchase age to 21 is further limiting exposure to cigarettes from the youth, in hopes of delaying or preventing the start of any form of use. In a 2012 U.S. Surgeon General report shows that about 90 percent of Americans who smoke begin before age 18, so bumping the age to 21 is a logical extension of that study. 

What does this hold for the future of the vape world? Only time will tell, and unfortunately as long as eLiquids and vape related products are still bizarrely considered tobacco products we'll be along for the ride until we can get properly categorized and regulated as an entirely different from tobacco products. 

Totally unrelated, here's a video of a guy opening a motion sensitive door with a vape. 

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