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Vape Acquisition Disorder is a real

October 10, 2018

Vape Acquisition Disorder is a real

tongue and cheek way of saying one is an owner of many vape devices.  It affects a surprisingly high number of vapers who like to keep entirely separate mods for their various enjoyment of different eLiquids.  Some people simply switch coils, some switch entire tanks, and for those who aren't using RDA's or are just lazy/efficient, depending on your perspective there, entirely different setups.

Aside from steeping, there are many different factors that can change the flavor of your favorite eLiquids, so having many different devices makes sense if you're looking for that perfect combination for your exquisite taste. If you're still searching for that perfect taste to match your palate, you might want to try something you already enjoy in an entirely different setup.  It could be the difference between identifying your favorite tastes and experience.

Of course you could always simply get an RDA and then you're only a few fresh cottons away from always having the most unblemished taste of your new eLiquid selection.  There's something fun about having a bunch of devices though, as each one has their own kind of personality in the way they vape, battery life, sound, feel, etc.  Are you affected by Vape Acquisition Disorder? 

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