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Want to be a Northland Advocate?

July 09, 2018

Want to be a Northland Advocate?

Well now you can! Chances are you were actually able to before, but for whatever reason we forgot to have the form publicly visible, woops! Anyways, the forum is back and you can fill it out and potentially be a Northland Advocate, again. 

What's a Northland Advocate anyway? Well simply put, a Northland Advocate is a highly-satisfied customer who recommends their favorite Northland eliquid flavors and products to their friends and coworkers.  

"What are my duties as a brand advocate and why would I wanna work for free?" You're probably thinking to yourself as you're reading this.  Good questions smart individual, good questions indeed. 

The answer is two fold; One, you're already one of our customers who actively champion Northland and influence the buying habits of others.  Second, we'll flag your existing account for extra exclusive deals and insider promos, of which you can take full advantage of.  Things like buy one get ones on eLiquids, special discounts codes, coupons you can give to your friends, and so much more!

"What do I have to do as a Northland Advocate to earn this sweet deal?" You're probably now thinking you clever, clever person you.  Well it's super easy, and chances are you're already doing it anyway.  Basically you just have to talk us up and shout us out on all the social medias you're active in.  The more chatter, the more on your platter kind of a deal.

Heat up those hashtags and tag us in everything.  Pretty straightforward. Enjoy our great eLiquids, get other people to also enjoy them with you! Does that sound like something you might be interested in?  Fill out the form! 

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