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We vape, We vote, We have an impact!

November 20, 2019

We vape, We vote, We have an impact!

The doom and gloom was all around in the vape world, when suddenly a surprise: The President of the United States saw the size of the "we vape, we vote" crowd and now Donald Trump is apparently rethinking a promised federal ban on flavored nicotine vaping products.

President Trump’s ban on most flavored eLiquids and vape products had been already hastily cleared by federal regulators. Eager officials were poised to announce they would order candy, fruit and mint flavors off the market within 30 days, which makes no logical sense to any thinking human being, but these are government regulators we are talking about. 

A final nail in the coffin of vape was needed, the President's signature. Given probably the most minimal amount of information and maximum amount anti-vape nonsense while being briefed on a flight to a Lexington Kentucky for a campaign rally; he refused to sign the one-page "decision" memo. 

Trump said he didn’t want to move forward with a ban he had once backed, primarily at his wife’s and daughter’s urging, because he feared it would lead to job losses, said a Trump adviser, who spoke anonymously to reveal these internal deliberations.

An adviser did the quick political calculus for Trump and told the Post that Trump was worried that the ban would lead to job losses and that this would cause him political problems. 

Officials said the reaction to banning most flavored e-cigarettes had rattled him. A successful #IVapeIVote and #WeVapeWeVote social media campaign advocates loudly repeated the facts that a ban would shut down thousands of shops, eliminating jobs, and worst of all, sending vapers back to cigarettes.

The president campaign manager, Brad Parscale, privately warned the ban could hurt him in battleground states.  Trump is now upset with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, who had taken the lead in rolling out the plan, said officials familiar with the discussions.

All of this is very good news for all the adults who enjoy nicotine vaping products in flavors other than tobacco, the countless numbers of former cigarette smokers who vape as a cessation to quit. For those of you who are still caught up the anti-vape hysteria narrative and can only think of the children, you should breathe a little easier knowing that in the event those kids do sneak a vape product behind your back, at least those products come from reputable vendors who have what the black market doesn't; accountability. 

In the black market the only thing they care about is making money, so there's no health concern, or age checking for that matter, from them as they put who knows what cocktail of chemicals in their wares.  As we now know the "vaping related illnesses" that everyone has been freaking out about are a result of synthetic vitamin E filler that people were inhaling from black-market THC vape cartridges. Taking away the option of any kind of ban which would inevitably bring nicotine vapers to the DIY or even the black market is not only a good political move, it is an absolute win for public health.

What do you think about this halt on the vape ban? Is this move simply political and the president will change his mind on the whim of the wind that voters are flowing to?  Will there be some kind of other action that prompts regulation to be overridden or will we now just have to wait and see what the FDA does? When will this madness ever end and we can just be a regular industry? 

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