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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

You can now size up your nic level

August 15, 2018

You can now size up your nic level

to whatever you desire!  We're happy to introduce a new product; A concentrated unflavored nicotine 1.8ml 20% pouch that you can easily add to your favorite eLiquids to bring them to your desired levels of nicotine.  We're going to be selling these at cost for the foreseeable future, just to keep things fair for our high nic Northland fans. Unfortunately this means we will be discontinuing higher level nic strengths on the Northland line.

Why the drop? Well the reality is that vaping is a viable smoking cessation, and we've got the customer purchase history to prove it. When we first started this eLiquid venture, the demand for higher nic strength eLiquid was about equal across the board. Now that we've been around for a while, the demand for high nic strengths has plainly fallen off. 

We realize that of course this doesn't apply to everyone, so we've come up with a novel solution for those who enjoy eLiquids at high nic strengths; Nic pouches! Simply add these to your eLiquids, let them steep a bit, and vape happy once again.

Please do not use these pouches for Northland nic salts, not only because it'll totally ruin them and the eLiquid itself, but also the flavor will be destroyed as well.  Not to mention nic salts are quite different from the traditional freebase nicotine, if you'll recall from the nic salt article from way back when. In the mean time you can still purchase all the higher nic strengths until they run out! 

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