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We're T-minus 6 days and 4 years away

August 06, 2018

We're T-minus 6 days and 4 years away

from the FDA's deeming deadline on August 8th 2022, which will result in basically a full prohibition of eLiquids and vape products. Now would be a good time to get a hold of your congress people and representatives and let them know you want eLiquid products and the vape world to stay in the game! 

You can use this handy link, which surprisingly works, considering it was made by the government, to find your representatives.  You should send them a happy little note that goes something like the following, and feel free to add in your personal testimonial and anecdotes. 

Dear Representative,

I am writing to express support for the vape community and industry as it currently stands, and I am writing to you to encourage you to express the same support.  Currently existing products on the market help a million plus Americans continue to live smoke-free. Moreover, vaping is an proactive way for the millions of current smokers who are seeking an effective means to help them transition away from deadly combustible cigarettes.

As written, the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed regulations would effectively remove 99% of vapor products from the market by subjecting manufacturers to a costly premarket approval application process that only a few large companies might hope to navigate. Consumers would be left to choose from a very limited number of products that were on the market prior to the February 2007 grandfather date.  Those products that are remarkably less effective and, by some accounts, less safe. As a result, not only would a large number of Americans return to smoking, but millions of current smokers would be encouraged to continue smoking.

For decades, smokers have been told to just use mediocre smoking cessation aids that are barely helpful, if that; mostly they just triggered cessation by those who were happy to simply quit unaided. Although smoking rates have declined substantially since people first learned about the hazards, they are now only slowly creeping down, and mostly because older smokers are dying, not quitting. For the vast majority of smokers who are not willing and able to just quit, electronic cigarettes offer them a satisfying, low-risk substitute, often the only path away from smoking other than dying.

I implore you to act on behalf of my concerns as your constituent before another American life ceases! 

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