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We've been saying it, and now it's an official campaign: Vaping is not tobacco!

May 01, 2019

We've been saying it, and now it's an official campaign: Vaping is not tobacco!

European vaping advocates on Tuesday launched the Vaping is NOT Tobacco campaign to lobby for smarter, evidence based regulation of vaping products that takes account of public health differences between vaping and smoking.  This is a great move in the world of vape for just PR reasons alone, eLiquids are most certainly not tobacco, yet the persistent stigma has only worsened over time.

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Let’s demand smarter vaping regulation”. An online petition, the ECI was launched by a Citizens Committee representing individuals from Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the UK and Romania. More supporters are expected to join the committee during the course of the initiative.

Designed as a grassroots tool to make it easier for European citizens to contact their respective candidates running for European elections. It targets both Europe’s estimated 17 million active vapers as well as any other European Union citizens, including non-smokers, who support evidence-based decision-making and helping smokers switch to vaping.

The campaign was born out of the ECI Citizens Committee members’ shared concern with current EU and national rules, some of which treat eLiquids, which of course do not contain any tobacco, in ways similar to combustible tobacco products. The campaign aims to achieve evidence based, standalone European rules for vaping products rather than including them in the EU Tobacco Products Directive or in a pharmaceutical directive.

“With this petition we call on all vapers, and anyone believing that vaping can assist people on their journey from smoking, to support smarter rules for vaping,” said Dustin Dahlmann, spokesperson of the Vaping is NOT Tobacco Citizens Committee. 

Dahlmann continued; “Our aim is to raise awareness of the important distinction between vaping products and tobacco. With everyone’s help we hope this initiative will lead to a reform of EU legislation, which currently fails to recognize vaping’s potential value in helping people switch to less harmful alternatives. In short, we have given citizens the opportunity to democratically contribute to this very necessary debate.”

The most up to date state of the art authoritative research shows that vaping is significantly less harmful to human health than smoking and thus offers significant public health benefits if people switch. The United Kingdom’s Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England, for example, have concluded that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking, and a French government advisory group, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, said earlier this year that current rules on vaping products that treat them as if they were tobacco products and found that represents a prudence on the part of the public authorities that is probably excessive and slows their use as a tool for smoking cessation.

If you're in the countries listed above check out their official organization website here.  What do you think about this plan? Do you think we could get something like this organized in the States? Will there ever be a time when common sense reaches the masses about vaping? 

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