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What is the third most popular retailer in the UK? Vape shops!

November 01, 2019

What is the third most popular retailer in the UK? Vape shops!

Seems like a small victory in the landslide of devastating vape news on the stateside of things as of late, but we have to celebrate those who are on the right side of history and right now we'll take every tiny win we can manage in this rapidly changing eLiquid world

According to 365 Business Finance, a London based financier firm, independent vape stores are the third most popular retail growth sector with over a thousand new outlets launching and staying open during the last three years. They report that barbers, beauty salons, vape stores, cafes & tearooms, along with restaurants and bars have been the fastest growing retail sectors in the UK over the past three years. In total there are around 2,000 vape stores in the UK.

The rise in vaping has also coincided with a decent decline in the number of adults who have switched away from smoke cigarettes, dropping from 7.7 million in 2011 to 6.1 million in 2017. In the UK vaping is often and accurately cited as a way to stop smoking, and around 600,000 people in England say they are using it as a means to do so. As of 2017 there were approximately 2.8 million adults who said they smoked an e-cigarette according to a survey of UK denizens. 

Just think of what kind of opportunity lies in the small business market for people wanting to get into the vape business, and how that can help positively benefit not only the welfare of those local business owners but the positive health impact for helping people get away from smoking! Oh wait we already went through that boom in the states and now we're seeing nothing but bans and small business oppression efforts en masse. 

What do you think about the polar differences in attitude on vaping across the pond and in the states? Will the UK provide the evidence that public health is improved and the number of small business owners increases as vaping becomes the new norm for those who seek nicotine replacements from smokes? Will the states see that and rethink it's current backward stance on vaping?

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