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You ever want to play a terrible anti-vape game?

December 03, 2018

You ever want to play a terrible anti-vape game?

Now you can! In another bizarre move by "the real cost" campaign they've launched a terrible in browser "game" located at The objective is you go about a typical, although obviously genericized, basement dwelling teenagers room collecting easter eggs and "evidence" on the teen vaping epidemic and the dangers of eLiquids and vaping in general.

Aside from the obvious irony of gamifying propaganda the website itself doesn't seem to want to take responsibility for it's own presented views. If you check out the little information icon in the upper left the about us tab reveals that "the real cost" is brought to you by the FDA's center for tobacco products. When you tab over to the privacy and disclaimer tab however, it says directly; "the views expressed within this posted content do not necessarily reflect the views of the FDA."  Like, WTF? Why even make this then?

This whole experience is just awful, but I'm an adult so I assume this is made bad on purpose, because that's what kids these days love; trite trash click and find games.  That's not a dig at Fortnight, PUBG, LoL, Hearthstone, or any other currently popular game by any means, just attempting to convey how bad this is so you don't have to waste your time.

There's the magnetic letters on the fridge pseudo-cryptically spelling out "it is spreading" and when you open it, jump scare alert, there's a molecule of nicotine sitting on a plate!  Nicotine is in some eLiquids, therefore bad! Another weird thing about it is there's a soccer poster on the wall that says football, making me think whoever created this monstrosity wasn't even American. If you're going to take American tax dollars to spread misinformation to American children at least outsource your projects to some American firm! 

I'm am going to spoil the end for you; so turn away if you were really looking forward to playing this atrocity.  You get a link to twitter and facebook to share  this laughably terrible and full of tropes game with your friends. That's it.  You waste about 10 minutes getting pumped full of a rehashed commercial you've probably seen 100 times by now, and a lousy link to share the game for all your efforts. 


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