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You may or may not have heard of Bill S. 3319

August 24, 2018

You may or may not have heard of Bill S. 3319

if you haven't, the gist is this; To impose additional restrictions on tobacco flavors for use in e-cigarettes. Stop and reread that simple sentence for a minute and consider how insane it is in it's overreach on eLiquids with it's deceptively simple verbage. Here's a link to the bill itself which also goes on to state; "Special rule for tobacco products other than cigarettes."  

As I've written about before, considering eLiquid a tobacco product is flat wrong and entirely a misclassification of what even vaping is. Anyway you should probably reach out to your congress person and send them a similarly worded letter about your concerns over eLiquids and the vape industry in general.  Additionally you should check out this petition and give it a quick sign. 

From the petition page itself there's some way better ideas than anything proposed in bill 3319. "Well how about coming up with better regulations on minors in the smoking industry? Or heavier charges on the people caught providing and distributing said things to minors?"  That's a good start in my book. The attack on eLiquid vendors and the vape industry at large is real, ongoing, and amusingly stupid. 

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