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You told them not to vape, so instead the kids are eating the vape pods

October 04, 2019

You told them not to vape, so instead the kids are eating the vape pods

and what honestly did you expect? We're talking about a generation that invented the tide pod challenge, which if you're not in the know was a half-hearted meme rip off of the cinnamon challenge turned tragically hip when people, specifically young people, started eating them on videos they then uploaded the internet.  If you're also somehow not aware, you're not supposed to eat the eLiquids inside the vape pods, or the pods themselves. 

Poison control officials with the University of Kansas Health System say they’ve seen a recent uptick in calls regarding vaping products, but not what you're probably seeing in the headlines lately.  Instead parents are calling with worries about kids ingesting or touching vaping cartridges.  “We’ve had kids eat the cartridges, drink the solutions and get sick,” said Dr. Stephen Thornton, medical director for the University of Kansas Health System Poison Control Center.

In the past few weeks, the Kansas poison control center has received nearly a dozen calls specifically related to young kids found with an e-cigarette or vaping pod where children were not actually vaping. 

Dr. Elizabeth Silver, clinical toxicologist with the University of Kansas Health System Poison Control Center had this to report; ”Parents are calling saying, ‘Hey I found my kid holding the vaping product,' or 'I found the kid with the e-cigarette pod in their mouth.' So we’re actually having a bit of an uptick in that” 

If you're curious to know what kind of symptoms ingesting nicotine or ingested nicotine poisoning looks like, be aware of these signs:  Excess saliva, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tremors, anxiety, confusion, and an increased heart rate.  In extreme cases symptoms can include seizures, coma, and even respiratory failure.

Clearly these parents need to take more responsibility for their children and keep their vape pods locked away with the rest of their medicine, but unfortunately with all these products in the hands of teenagers there is probably nothing a parent can do to prevent a now vape scared teen into tricking their younger siblings into doing what's probably the next coolest thing to vaping; eating vapes.  That entire sentence was satire, I feel like I have to sadly declare, as we are now living in an upside down, facts don't seem to even exist at this point, kind of world. 

What do you think? If they get rid of vaping entirely what will be the next thing we aren't thinking of the children enough as adults to responsibly consume? My vote is soda, but they declared obesity an epidemic in the 90's and yet we're still here with every flavor combination of sugar water still easily available for purchase, even without an ID! 

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