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Conspiracy on reddit, /r/science deleted comments with

February 06, 2019

Conspiracy on reddit, /r/science deleted comments with

accurate information in relation to the ingredients of eLiquids.  Comments specifically stating that diacetyl has been removed from most major eLiquid manufacturers for years were being targeted and deleted by the admins of /r/science. 

The post in question appeared on Monday, was focused on the butter scented chemical diacetyl "discovered in vape juices, and is the most common flavoring chemical" as if this was news and remotely close to true.  This post of course made it to the front page of reddit, as we know reddit is a platform exclusively for shilling disguised as authentic user aggregated content.  

Astroturfing is the term for when companies sneak in their advertisements into comment sections, disguised as seemingly anonymous users of the platform.  This happens widely across all the platforms of today, but when those platforms grow to a certain size those companies straight up run the articles they want in the relevant areas they want.  To the end user, it's indistinguishable, to the keen observer, it's obvious. 

Fortunately one users comment was allowed to stay which accurately stated "Diacetyl is 9 micrograms / 2 ml in the heaviest concentration tested in vape juice. 2 ml is the average amount of juice used in a day. Cigarettes contain 750 times that per pack. Popcorn factory workers inhaled 1,500,000 micrograms of diacetyl a day."

However MANY similar comments of the following were actively deleted; "I would also like to point out that diacetyl is hardly used in eLiquids anymore since the first major wave of OH GOD POPCORN LUNG" and "This is really really really old news, and it's been fixed for years."

That's where the conspiracy comes in, why would moderators of a science focused subreddit delete comments that in no way violate the rules or could possibly perceived as offensive?   Well if you're here, you know exactly why.  This is the same tried and trite bunk from the anti-vape playbook that has been running for years now.

Here is a screen shot of one of the sections of comments removed. 

Reddit deletes truthful statements related to vaping

Here's a link to the current thread, where you can see they have been removed. The truth is out there, and people are starting to see through to it. 


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