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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Friday the 13th and you've won the lotto!

July 13, 2018

Friday the 13th and you've won the lotto!

Introducing our new Nic Salt flavor, Apricot Moscato! As per the flavor description: A deliciously sweet mix of ripe apricot and pear with a crisp and clean white wine finish. This flavor is exclusive to the Northland Nic Salt line!

You might have remembered from our previous post about nic salts just exactly what they are, but you might not remember that we've also got 4 other fantastic flavors of nic salts already in the mix! With the introduction of Apricot Moscato we're now up to 5 great nic salt flavors!  

Nic salts are more than likely the easier solution for those trying to escape the terribly gripping habit of traditional combustible tobacco, mostly because of the similarity in experience, and form factor of the devices.  That's not to say it's better than traditional eLiquid vaping, just saying it's probably easier for newbies looking for a viable smoking cessation method. 

As for you radical traditional eLiquid connoisseurs you might enjoy nic salts when you're in a place where it might not be appropriate to chase some huge clouds.  Aside from portability, nic salt devices do offer a different experience than the large mods with higher voltages. Nic salts eLiquids and devices are also good for when you ain't got time that! 

What do you think? What's your vape preference?  What other flavors would you like to see in Nic Salts? Leave us a comment below or on our subreddit! 

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