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House to vote on a bill next week banning flavors

February 21, 2020 1 Comment

House to vote on a bill next week banning flavors

and no surprise the claimed purpose is to reduce youth vaping rates. Funny how alcohol went through prohibition not because of the flavors but from the effects, and now they are using flavors as the gateway to prohibition ignoring everything else.  Funnier still is the short view of history these politicians seem to be making considering how they repealed alcohol prohibition because of the devastating effects being banned. 

Anti-tobacco advocates and idiots alike, but I repeat myself, argue flavors such as mint and mango have hooked children on vaping, with an estimated 5.4 million middle and high school students trying an e-cigarettes one time in 2019. 

The bill which is sponsored by two democrats; House Energy and Commerce Chairman Frank Pallone Jr.  and Rep. Donna Shalala also aim to ban online sales of eLiquids, vapes, and other products deemed tobacco. 

Congress raised the tobacco-purchasing age from 18 to 21 last year, but anti-vape militarized soccer moms say it needs to do more to curb youth vaping rates, which you should be reminded are still far below smoking rates.  Democrats of course argue the bill is needed as the Trump administration has not gone far enough on combating youth vaping, because blaming Trump is the only thing democrats seem to know these days.

You may recall that the administration recently banned the sale of pod-based e-cigarette flavors including fruit, but exempted menthol. Disposable e-cigarettes, open tank systems and e-liquids of any flavor, including those mixed in vape shops, still thankfully remain available under the current policy.

This Pallone-Shalala bill would ban flavors in all of these products, because those who think banning the flavor of something haven't got any sense as to what even enforcing such a preposterous prohibition would entail.  It includes an even more narrow pathway for the Food and Drug Administration to approve flavored products if they are found to reduce smoking rates.

Well there you have it, we thought we made it through the anti-vape hysteria of 2019 but apparently the hangover from that massive pile of nonsense is so immense it is leaking over into 2020.  Luckily even though the bill will probably make it through the house it will stand little to no chance passing in the senate as it is currently republican controlled.

What do you think about this bill? More nanny state over reach? Are these people lazy, crazy, stupid, or some kind of mixture of all three?  Will people with more common sense and cooler heads prevail in helping to end this terrible blight that is smoking which is the largest preventable cause of health problems in this country?  Why can't people just leave vaping alone!?!

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May 04, 2022

I think as adults we should have a right to decide what we put in our body’s…why is vaping any worse than those people who drink at least we do not drink and drive… We may vape and drive but that never hurt anyone….

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