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Michigan government: Go back to smoking you vapers!

September 04, 2019 1 Comment

Michigan government: Go back to smoking you vapers!

Michigan today becomes the first state in the country to ban flavored eLiquids, except for of course tobacco flavors, because heaven forbid the alternative to quit smoking restricts the flavor that drives people back to smoking!

The governor said this ban was needed to protect young people from the potentially harmful effects of vaping, because even though alcohol is no longer under prohibition we know prohibition will prevent kids from getting their hands on the stuff. Oh wait, that's completely wrong considering 16% of kids aged 12-17 admit to underage drinking in the state of Michigan alone.  Weirdly enough those statistics measure 18+ as adults for their drinking rates (which is at 60% BTW) even though the legal drinking age is 21.

Great governor Gretchen Whitmer said in an interview, that the state health department found youth vaping constituted a public health emergency, prompting her to take the insane prohibitory legal measure. “My number one priority is keeping our kids safe and protecting the health of the people of Michigan,” Whitmer of course said, wondering why won't anyone think of the children.

The ban covers both retail and online sales goes into effect immediately and will last for only six months, and can be renewed for another six months. That might be the only sensible part of the regulation, it is by default temporary. Of course that's only temporary itself as state officials will develop permanent regulations banning flavored e-cigarettes. 

The governor also prohibited what she called misleading descriptions of vapor products, such as “clear,” “safe” and “healthy” and ordered the enforcement of an existing ban on using billboards to advertise for e-cigarettes.  Just to shine this into a crystal clear point, the governor has openly publicly stated she has an anti-science bias, and she's officially enacted this into law. 

The order is effective immediately, but businesses will have 30 days to comply, meaning rest in peace our dear vape shop owners, online consumers, and other vape related business in the state of Michigan.  

While Michigan is the first state to prohibit sales of flavored eLiquids, several cities and communities have restricted or banned sales thus far. You may recall that in late June San Francisco became the first major city in the United States to ban the sale and distribution of all e-cigarettes when the ban goes into effect early next year.

Whitmer’s order comes because of a recent tiny number of serious lung illnesses, that have been spuriously linked to vaping. State and federal officials have said they are focusing closely on possible contaminants or counterfeit substances in black-market marijuana products, which is the more likely cause than products that have been legally crafted and sold for years.  Just wait and see how those number of "vaping" related incidents spikes when the black market has full control over vaping in Michigan. 

What do you think about this move? Has Michigan lost it's governmental mind? Will there be any positive outcomes to this? 

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Billy Charles
Billy Charles

September 04, 2019

I think this is just to get people to smoke cigarettes again or to not vape at All!!

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