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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mint Chip

January 04, 2018 1 Comment

Mint Chip

A refreshing take on Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, or the yummy after-dinner mint chocolates - all depending on your tastebuds and who you ask

Comes in 120ml and 30ml.  Available nic strengths are; 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. 

95vg, No artificial sweeteners

People have said this about it:

"This juice is my go to. Tastes like an Andes mint. An easy all day vape. I am on my 12th 120 of this in about a year and still as good as the first time I tried it."

"It tastes just like mint chip ice cream (I work at an ice cream shop and I can confirm it haha). The mint is more prominent than the chocolate, but it has a nice blend of sweet and menthol flavors. If you are looking for an intensely refreshing flavor to remind you of ice cream, this is the one for you hands down!"

"I'm not very open-minded when it comes to new flavors and I hated menthol cigarettes when I smoked them, but I really liked Mint Chip. It was close to the flavor of ice cream without tasting fake or too much like toothpaste."

"Northland Vapor hit the flavor they were going for dead-on with Mint Chip. Great flavor, tied for my favorite with Nuts & Cream - I order both in every Flight Experience. The mint and chocolate are enjoyably balanced on any temperature, though the chocolate will be more pronounced on hotter vapes. Enjoy!"

"I really enjoyed this flavor to me its almost a thin mint girl scout cookie flavor but I can also see where it could be thought of as a mint chocolate ice cream as well 5/5 on flavor definitely one of my favorites!"

"This is definitely my go to dessert flavor! It is very rich chocolate with a minty back flavor. Like Andes mints."

"I've been vaping this since way back when it was called Tundra! I've tried a handful of thin mint style juices from other vendors, but this has been by far the best take on it. The cookie flavor gets stronger with higher wattage and longer drags. The mint is never overpowering and doesn't have any of the spearmint kind of flavor that I dislike. I'm quite critical of anything mint for my vapor, but this is done right. The chocolate is balanced but pronounced well. "

"If you love mint chocolate chip ice cream you'll love this juice, taste just like it. Love that the mint is mint and not menthol. Will be buying again!"

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Abby Palmer
Abby Palmer

June 15, 2019

Absolutely delicious! Not overly sweet desert juice. The mint is definetly more noticable then the chocolate. The icyness of the menthol isnt super overbearing 10/10 :)

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