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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


March 02, 2017 5 Comments


It is time for another eLiquid GIVEAWAY!  But this time, we're not only going to be giving away eLiquid to 3 lucky winners, but we'll also be throwing in some of the best mods available!  


St. Patrick's Giveaway

First Place takes home all of our eLiquid flavors, in whatever strength they want, AND a sexy RX300 that is leathered up, 4 LG HE4 batteries to power that bad boy, and a brand new TFV12 BEAST.

2nd Place gets an Alien Mod Kit by Smok, 2 LG HE4 batteries, and the TOP 5 flavors from both our Northland and Apex lines.

3rd Place will be the proud winner of a Smok Alien Baby Kit, 2 LG HE4's, and 5 flavors to be picked by the winner.

The rules are easy, and there's no purchase necessary!

Simply follow submit your entries with the contest app we have.


Good luck to all and VAPE ON.


Brett Erpelding


Northland Vapor Company



5 Responses

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Jefferson Helton

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Harshil Lunagariya
Harshil Lunagariya

April 04, 2017

Hard luck for me …but congratulations to all three winners…Have a great vape ahead with the amazing giveaway :-P

Anthony shields
Anthony shields

April 01, 2017

When do we find out who the winer

Danny Larson
Danny Larson

March 26, 2017

Northland Vapor with an awesome promo. Lets go 1 of 3. Keep up the great service.

Mitch vandyke
Mitch vandyke

March 10, 2017

I need this soooo bad man please

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