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University of Knottingham seeks input

January 09, 2019

University of Knottingham seeks input

from vapers, smokers, ex-smokers, ex-vapers, connoisseur of fine eLiquids, and well, just about anybody who is willing to fill out their short survey on the future of vaping research!  As we know smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and thankfully e-cigarettes are now the most popular method used by people trying to quit combustible smokes.

2.6 million adults in the UK are currently vaping as a safer alternative to tobacco products of all kinds. Recently, Public Health England estimated that vaping is likely to be 95% safer than cigarettes but very little is known about possible long-term effects of vaping on health.

Researchers want to find out what people think are the most important questions that need answering about vaping, so they can prioritize the right areas for future research into the safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes. 

The survey will be open for two months, until March 7th 2019. Once it has closed the responses will be organised into themes and a second survey launched for people who took part to rank their top 10 priority questions for research into electronic cigarettes.

The Electronic Cigarettes surveys and discussion workshop have been organised by researchers at the UK Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies with the help of the James Lind Alliance.

Here's the link to the survey if you want to participate. 

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